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Hateful Subjects
In this modern world of love, hate , crime and justice, there are a number of things that stick out to me as being truly sucky. Although Im only been on this planet for 16 years, thats been enough to show me what sucks about it. And even though there are many, many things to write about here are a few that stick out farther than the rest.
1.  SCHOOL-  I can understand the need for education in the world today.  I mean without it you cant hope to acheive anything.  But I just have to say.  School Sucks.  Our tax money pays for the so-called "Education costs" of running a school and I have to say not all of it is educational.  Teachers are so scarce these days that they are hired without a full examination on if they can teach or not.  schools pay millions of tax dollars on  computers but we are hardly allowed to use them.  all the football teams uniforms and pads and gas to take them to games are paid for by the school, and yet all other high school sports have to use fundraisers. If there is a fight at schoo,, they punish all people involved instead of going through the trouble of finding out whos fault it was. These are just a few of the many reasons why schools suck.
2.  POSERS-  This is a subject highly controversed in many situations.  Posers linger everywhere. Wherever there is someone that people admire for whatever skill or talent they have, there is bound to be a Poser close by. Aposer is someone who wants to be something he is not, a poser is a wanna be.  They want all the fame and glory but dont want to climb the ladder to get there.  In essence, a Poser is a cheater. and that is why I dont like posers.
3.  RONALD REAGON-  Actually I dont have anything against hjim, he just has a funny name
4.  "HOMIES"-  I have nothing against black people, i just dont like homies.  You know those ones that dress like they're retarded and couldnt figure out what size pants they wear, and walk around talking in a language noone can understand besides other "homies".  They try to intimidate you because theyre all pussies and cant stand up for themselves.  I really hate them.
5.   HARD PLASTIC TOILET SEATS- Now maybe on the other subjects you could have dissagreed with me.  but not on this one.  you have got to be insane to say that you actually like to poop while sitting on a hard, cold, plastic tiolet seat.  thats exactly the reason that they invented a cushioned toilet seat, because nobody likes a hard plastic one.  And yet, time after time, i end up having to go poop in a public building where im forced to endure the butt torturing routine of the plastic guillotine that people have enough nerve to call a tiolet seat.  and that is why I hate Hard plastic tiolet seats.
6.   COPS-cops suck.  i have met cool cops and i have met dick cops, but whichever one that graces you with theyre presence, no matter where or how, it always means bad news.  They are the so-called "enforcers" of the law.  and the law sucks. so in the end cops suck to.  Now some people say that cops arent so bad, that they dont make the rules, they just enforce them. Well let me tell you one thing.  I dont care.  Am i, an average citizen, ever going to get the chance to talk to the guys that make the laws? no i wont.  So im going to blame the cops for all my troubles in the past, present, and future of my life.  They chose theyre career, not me. and as long as there are cops. there will always be someone like me who hates them for what they are. They are the ruiners of all fun.  men that with one little badge, usurp all of a regular mans power in the world with a mere thought.  They are in control of my fate. and i dont like that. that is why i hate cops.
7.   UGLY FAT CHICKS WHO THINK THEY LOOK GOOD- self explanitory............
8.   WIGGERS- self explanitory..............